5 Advantages of Motor Matic TOP 1 Action Matic Oil, Make Pulling Easily!

To maintain the prime performance of the automatic motor engine, TOP 1 automatic motor oil must be glanced at. Moreover, most people choose automatic motorbikes for daily use because they are considered concise and agile to bulldoze urban streets.

Dense urban lanes also require automatic motorcycles to perform stop-and-go every time, so that requires excellent machine performance. Therefore the selection of oil used must not be fooled around, as offered TOP 1 Action Matic motor oil matic.

TOP 1 Action Matic matic motor oil

Lubricant made TOP 1 it is designed to provide the best performance of automatic motorcycles. Besides this oil also has a longer service life thanks to its synthetic content. For more details, here are 5 advantages of TOP 1 Action Matic motor oil.

1. Maximum protection

TOP 1 automatic motor oil
TOP 1 automatic motor oil (Illustration / Open Review / Bernard Chaniago)

The TOP 1 Action Matic matic motor oil is designed to provide maximum protection for the automatic engine. Because this oil has a higher synthetic content, so it is able to protect the engine since the engine was first started.

So, the owner of the automatic motorbike can immediately use the ride shortly after the engine is started to answer the lifestyle with high mobility. On the other hand, a higher synthetic content also makes this automatic motor oil have a longer shelf life.

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2. Smoother engine

TOP 1 automatic motor oil
TOP 1 automatic motor oil

The next advantage offered by TOP 1 Action Matic is a smoother engine. This automatic motor oil has a lower coefficient of friction thanks to its maximum protection. Make the engine performance so lighter.

As a result, the sense of driving becomes more comfortable. In addition, the light performance of the engine thanks to the use of motor oil with low coefficient of friction certainly also makes the motor automatic become more agile on the road. Especially to go through heavy traffic in urban areas.

3. Optimum thickness level

TOP 1 automatic motor oil
TOP 1 automatic motor oil (illustration)

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The light performance of the engine is inseparable from the level of viscosity or viscosity of the oil used by TOP 1 Action Matic motor oil. This oil has a viscosity of 10w-40 which is suitable for modern machines that have high mobility.

10w-40 like viscosity oils TOP 1 automatic motor oil Action Matic also has a smoother circulation which makes lubrication of all parts of the engine more optimal. Besides the engine with the use of 10w-40 oil also tends to have a lower temperature, so it is far from possible overheat.

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4. Meet the motor manufacturer’s standards

TOP 1 automatic motor oil
TOP 1 automatic motor oil

TOP 1 Action Matic matic motor oil has also met or even exceeded the latest oil standards for motorcycles from Japanese manufacturers. This automatic motor oil is made with the 2016 JASO MB standard, which is the latest standard that exists today.

With these standards, TOP 1 Action Matic is able to provide optimal protection for automatic motor machines. In effect, the engine is able to present more agile performance but with fuel consumption that remains economical.

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5. Has anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives

TOP 1 automatic motor oil
TOP 1 automatic motor oil (illustration)

To keep the engine clean, TOP 1 Action Matic matic motor oil is also equipped with special additives that are able to prevent deposits in the engine. Not only that, thanks to ability anti-wear and anti-corrosion, this oil is also able to prevent the appearance of crust or dirt attached.

With these advantages, the effect of sludge or oil thickening in the engine will not occur so that engine cleanliness will always be maintained. A clean engine will maintain the performance of the motor that feels light when used.

So, happy shopping for TOP 1 oil at TOP 1 Official Store and feel the performance TOP 1 Action Matic motor oil matic on my favorite motorcycle!

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