7 Transferproof Foundation that Does Not Stick On the Mask

In Century new normal nowadays, using face masks is mandatory. However, for those of you who wear makeup every day, generally the problem that arises is makeup, especially the foundation attached to the mask so that it becomes dirty and uncomfortable to use. To overcome this, you can try using a transferproof foundation so that the mask is not too dirty.

These 7 transferproof foundations don’t stick on the mask.

Although classified transferproof, but generally not meaningful foundation won’t stick at all. But at least not too much. Especially if your skin is oily or sweaty, makeup stick to the mask will be difficult to avoid.

Besides using foundation that transferproof, using setting spray can also help reduce makeup stick too much to the mask. Now, let’s check 7 foundation transferproof that does not apply to the following mask.

1 Etude Double Lasting Serum Foundation

Etude Double Lasting Serum Foundation. (Photo: Etude House)
Etude Double Lasting Serum Foundation. (Photo: Etude House)

Etude claims that serum foundation This can last for 24 hours by giving a final result shimmering glow without oxidation, alias does not darken. In addition, it was also mentioned that foundation it contains 61% skincare which can nourish your skin and contains SPF 25 PA ++ which is able to protect the skin from UVA rays as well as UVB.

Because it’s a serum type foundation, formula foundation for oily skin it is very light so it will not cause weight and looks cakey for you with oily skin. However, because it is very light, coveragenot even one full, aka can not close black spots or blackened acne scars. Even so, coverageIts lightweight is enough for everyday look with effects glowing which looks natural too.

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2. Wardah Lightening Liquid Foundation

. Wardah Ligjhtening Foundaton

Wardah Lightening Liquid Foundation contains oil absorber which is able to help absorb oil optimally so that the formula feels comfortable and light on the skin. Foundation it also contains vitamin E which is able to keep the skin moist during product use.

Foundation This latest Wardah is also claimed to have a formula non comedogenic and already dermatology tested so it is safe for daily use and does not cause clogged pores.

If you are looking for foundation with natural results suitable for everyday use, this product is worth trying. Natural matte finish resulting from foundation this will make makeup seen flawless and result matteit does not make the skin feel dry.

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3. Shu Uemura Unlimited Breathable Lasting Foundation

Shu Uemura Unlimited Breathable Lasting Foundation. (Photo: Doc. Open Review)
Shu Uemura Unlimited Breathable Lasting Foundation. (Photo: Doc. Open Review)

Foundation it has a variant shades or very diverse colors. Starting from cool tone to warm tone. In total there are 25 colors that you can choose according to your natural skin color. The foundation for oily skin is also a mild formula on the skin so that the pores can still breathe despite using foundation all day long.

There is an SPF 24 PA +++ that is good for counteracting the bad effects of sunlight. It has a very liquid texture so it is very easy to blend. Foundation for this oily skin too buildable, so you can layer if needed coverage higher. So, for you who have acne prone skin, you need to use concealer again to cover the problematic area.

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4. The Ordinary Serum Foundation

The Ordinary Serum Foundation. (Photo: Bukalapak)
The Ordinary Serum Foundation. (Photo: Bukalapak)

As the name suggests, foundation this is the formula lightweight and its texture is like a liquid serum and is easy to blend. The Ordinary Serum foundation produces a powerful covering medium, light on the skin so the results are very natural.

This product has a final result sheer which is suitable for all skin types. Even though it contains SPF, lightweight foundation this does not produce white cast and the results look smooth on the skin.

5. BLP Face Base Foundation

Different from foundation in general, foundation the latest from this BLP contains Chamomile Extract, Allantoin and caffeine which can moisturize the skin, brighten and prevent new acne. Texture from foundation it tends to be liquid and very easy to blend.

When trying to use foundation this, the result does feel comfortable on the skin and feels like using foundation that natural finish. The formula is enough lightweight and can be used everyday because foundation this non-comedogenic.

The final result of foundation this semi-matte finish so that it can be used for all skin types. After being applied to the entire face, foundation it has an effect shine which is natural and feels moist on the face. Semi-matte finish resulting from foundation This makes results makeup seen flawless and like not using base makeup which is too thick.

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6. Maybelline Super Stay Foundation, super coverage but still light on the skin

Maybelline Super Stay Foundation. (Photo: Maybelline)

Not only matte finish, foundation for oily skin this one also offers results full coverage so it is suitable for full makeup. Despite the results matte, texture foundation it remains easy to blend and the results don’t feel thick on the skin. Foundation the latest from Maybelline is sold at a price range of 200 thousand.

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7. Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Longwear Foundation

Elegant packaging, review: Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation. (Photo: Doc. Open Review)

Claim from foundation This is medium to full coverage. This product has a long-lasting claim and makes the skin look smoother. In addition, the formula is claimed to be able to adjust to the climate so that it is resistant to sweat, moisture, and does not close the pores.

Uniquely from foundation this is the longer it is used the more it looks united with the skin so that it looks increasingly flawless. Foundation it’s also durable, up to 7 more hours, no crack or shifted. It also hydrates but does not make the skin super oily.

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Than seven transferproof foundation above, which one do you want to try to prevent your mask from getting dirty from makeup?


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