7 Types of Fast Harvest Vegetables that Can Be Planted at Home

Gardening became one of the hobbies that flourished during the pandemic. Filling free time at home is indeed a lot of ways. One of them is by planting. In addition to practicing patience, you also multiply skill new about how to plant. It does sound like easy. However, do not undo the intention and just back away. There are seven types of vegetables that are easy to grow really.

Types of vegetables that are easily grown at home

Besides being beneficial for consumption, growing vegetables is believed to be easier than caring for ornamental plants you know. When the harvest time arrives, you must have its own satisfaction when picking it and then processing it into food. Already imagined fun right?

1. Lettuce

Many things you can get when you decide to plant lettuce. Besides being able to easily grow hydroponically, lettuce can also grow in various seasons. Lettuce harvest time only takes about 2-3 months you know!

In addition to seeds, you have to prepare planting media and fertilizer. Try the plant pots have been perforated at the bottom so that the lettuce can flourish. Then do the watering twice a day

2. Spinach

The harvest time for spinach is also quite short, around 1-1.5 months. Popeye’s favorite vegetable can grow if it is in the sun and in a fairly shady area. Spinach, can also be planted throughout the year in the lowlands, highlands, gardens, or home gardens. However, in the timing, the beginning of the rainy season and the beginning of the dry season is the best time.

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3. Water spinach

Vegetables that can make drowsiness are also easy to plant in all seasons. Kale can be harvested within three weeks of planting the seeds. Kale also does not need outside land and can be cultivated with hydroponic planting techniques.

Spread the seeds on the planting medium that has been loosened. Then don’t forget to provide fertilizer, watering, and weed free care.

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4 Cayenne pepper

If Inul Daratista says “like vegetables without salt less tasty less fresh, “Then it would be less if Indomie was not sprinkled with cayenne pepper! Planting chili is also fairly easy and you can pick it in 2-3 months. Simply plant the chilli seeds into the soil, then apply fertilizer. Water regularly and wait for the chilli to grow. Pretty decent to save. Moreover, the price of chili is getting more expensive!

5. Leeks

For starters, try planting leeks deh. Leeks are among the easiest plants to grow at home. You can harvest leeks after 2.5 months. If there are yellowing leaves, it means you are picking green onions. Leeks can be planted in pots, poly bag, or land that has been prepared.

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6. Cucumber

Cucumber is a pumpkin tribe that is usually harvested without cooking. Cucumbers are often used as fresheners or fresh vegetables in various Indonesian dishes. Because the water content is very much, cucumbers can also function as vegetables that can moisturize the face and can reduce high blood pressure you know!

One cucumber plant can usually produce 20 pieces and can be harvested in 3-4 weeks. Cucumbers that are ready to be picked will usually fade whitish green.

7. Mustard greens

The last vegetable recommendation is mustard greens. Cabbage mustard and chili are the perfect pair that must be present in a bowl of boiled Indomie. Moreover, if you eat it in the rain or in cold weather. Definitely delicious! So, no need to bother buying mustard greens or chili if you already planted it at home, right?

You can harvest green mustard for 40-70 days if these vegetables get enough water and sunlight to grow.

How, interested in gardening at home?

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