Free internet tricks im3 Indosat Ooredoo

Free internet tricks im3 OOredoo – Now we will discuss the ways and tricks to get a free internet connection with this we will provide free and non-charged internet tricks for loyal users of Indosat. With a few tricks we will give, please follow the steps below:

Some free internet tricks Im3 oredo


1. Free internet tricks via short messages (SMS)

Tricks to pass quickly or text is very easy and many people use it this way. To get the Indosat 5GB internet package for free, let’s look at the steps below:

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  • The main thing is we have to have a sim card from indost like im3 and the sun. Even though users of the sun are rarely used now, we need to make sure that our sim card has been restored according to our data as specified. Let’s continue on to the main topic so we can get free internet quickly please write or press 5GB on the message menu on your cellphone then send to 363.
  • Well! now we are just waiting for a reply from 363.
  • If you succeed you will get a short message reply that has been approved by Indosat then we have got the free quota that we want even though only 5GB is enough for enjoyment on the 4G network.
  • hopefully Free internet tricks im3 Oredoo Indosat helps us when we want to enjoy the internet without having to be charged or free.
  • Now it’s easy right now we can feel the internet world is so helpful even though we all know that to enjoy the internet is very expensive and needs to be filled with an adequate wallet now internet has become a necessity to support our daily lives,
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2. After seeing a trick with a short message, this time we discuss another trick with Dial

  • Free internet package through Indosat calls and we will get a free package or quota of 20 GB
  • In addition, through the messaging application, you also have the possibility of getting a free 20 GB fee through calls.

Continue as follows to get it:

  • Suppose you use an Indosat card that does not have credit
  • Next, enter the call and enter the code * 933 * 333 #.
  • Then you are asked to continue by typing on your mobile screen69.
  • Please wait a few moments.
  • Please wait a few moments.
  • If you receive a notification in your inbox your message that says ‘congratulations on your 10GB quota has been successfully activated’ and you are not charged a fee to enjoy

5.5GB free quota from Indosat

In this package you will get a quota of 5.5 GB. That is given in a gradual manner in the first 1 month you will get 1GB, and in the next month you will get a quota with an amount of 1.5 GB remaining quota next 3 GB in the sixth month, so this free internet period is 6 months.

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The steps are as follows to get the desired quota

We can also enjoy the Free Quota plusa phone 10 Minutes to all operators and 100 SMS to all operators then want to know the way right, let’s see the steps below:

  • Press *990 *250 ** 11 # on the call menu.
  • Then select number 1 to activate it.
  • and also the second way. If you want to activate it via IMEI, by selecting number 2.

The following are Indosat 1 GB free monthly internet tricks

  • The first trick you need to ensure that your Indosat card is not registered with an internet package or does not have a quota.
  • The second trick is to access or press * 990 * 2 * 3 * 3 # on your smartphone. This code is the code to receive a free internet package from Indosat.
  • Your third trick will then be notified on the cell phone about 1 GB of free internet access per month for one year, and you can answer by entering number 1.
  • The fourth trick you will receive a reply from the SMS that you sent earlier. You will receive an answer if you have received a free 1GB quota per month for one year.
  • The fifth trick The final step in determining the quota amount is to review the quota using the MyIM3 application.

These five tricks include very simple steps or tricks. You can access it directly after registered. Unlike other operators, the latest Indosat free internet tricks for 1 GB / month are not required to use anonymous or complicated applications. You only need to send a text message and not download or install the application.

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So that is how my friends or Indosat’s free im3 OOredoo internet tricks that we can convey from this article, hopefully it’s useful, thank you.


How do I get Indosat free pulses?

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how do you make Indosat quota savings?

The simple way is to simply activate cellular data when you don’t need it and delete applications that require internet data to run it.

How to get cheap quota?

press * 990 * 250 * 3 * 3 # > choose 1 > OK


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