How to use VideoMax quota – Watch movies as much as you want !!

How to use videomax quota Using the Application via my telkomsel in order for videomax to work you might need to have a videomax quota, and you will use it videomax for anything Maybe you use the Internet through a smartphone through a card provider SimPATI Telkomsel, there is a distribution of data packages, including Flash package and Videomax data package.

The amount of Videomax is collected all the time and is used when watching movies.

Videomax Quota Package

how to use videomax quota

Videomax Quota Package is the HOOQ and VIU quota updates that are equally useful for viewing or viewing any video. Here’s how to use Videomax from

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First, type * 123 # in the box and then right-click on OK / Call / Phone. So there are several menu options and just select number 2 (Video Max) ’

Then another menu will appear and here are the first 2 choices of Videomax Hooq and Videomax VIU second and here you only need to select number 2. A message appears with a sentence that activates VideoMax

The Videomax section is a part of Telkomsel that can only be used to watch movies or dramas on Hooq, Viu, Catchplay, SuperSoccer, Nicklodeon and Tribe. Apart from the portal, the Videomax section cannot be used, even for Youtube.

Note : Videomax quota is only a quota that can only be used to watch movies or dramas on Hooq, Viu, Catchplay, SuperSoccer, Nicklodeon and Tribe. Besides outside the portal, the Videomax quota cannot be used, even for Youtube.

But for those who don’t like watching movies, because they only discuss, search and use social media, there are suggestions that can be used to change the Videomax quota in the 24-hour Flash quota, which is called regular quota.

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If you have replaced the normal quota, you can also use it to watch Youtube, but the main requirement is to add Flash quota. This method can work.

Although Hooq and VIU services can be used free of charge, you must first activate Videomax to use this service. What you need to discuss before using this VideoMax quota is that this quota can only be used when striming or watching movies.

If you access applications, search for films, or similar activities, the quota you use is a large amount. When sharing, this VideoMax sharing can only be used when viewing or sending

For use VideoMax quotaYou must have a primary or standard Internet quota. So don’t be fooled if your usual opportunities are a little reduced because you have already started or are looking for films that require standard or general costs.

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How to use Videomax Quota?

If you want to use this VideoMax package, you must have this package. Then you can activate VideoMax quota in three ways: Bonus Package or Additional VideoMax Fee You can buy a regular data package with VideoMax Probability Bonus.

Telkomsel Packages generally offer several Internet packages to choose from. One of them is an additional package or VideoMax Probability Bonus. This first method eliminates the need to purchase VideoMax quota packages

1. Buy VideoMax Quota

  1. Type * 123 #
    Type * 123 #> and press call / call / call
  2. Press number 3
    Then press number 3, i.e. / Music / Games>, then press Send.
  3. Press 1
    Then press 1, VideoMAX>, then press OK
  4. Choose what we want
    Then we choose what we want according to our needs and desires. VideoMAX 1GB Extra Quota>, and then press Send / Send.
  5. Select menu number 1
    Then breakdown VideoMax quota. Select the menu number 1 to buy, then press Send.
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2. Buy the VideoMax package via MyTelkomsel

  • Download the MyTelkomsel application and install it on your smartphone.
  • Click My Telkomsel.
  • Click enter
  • Please enter your mobile number> select next.
  • Enter Telkomsel number
  • Telkomsel sends a confirmation code via an incoming message. Please check the number and enter it in the field provided.> Then press Review.
  • Enter the code
  • After entering the My Telkomsel main view, press the logo in the upper corner.
  • From the Package menu, select Search Package.
  • Select Browse
  • Then select the part you want
  • After that you can enjoy various options available after you make a payment transaction.

How to use VideoMax quota

In this article, I will use the VideoMax component in the Hooq application. Using it for other applications is no different.

  • Download and install the relevant model.
  • Register or register for the news you want to watch. Select Login to register an account.
  • Type your cellphone number> select Done.
  • Verify the pin has been sent by pressing OK
  • Enter a valid password> then choose one or the other
  • Type your gmaul and click pay now

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So that’s how to use the videomax quota and how to get it, good luck, good luck and useful, so stay loyal to us at, Thank you.



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